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With Playwright you can record videos for your tests.

Record video

Videos are saved upon browser context closure at the end of a test. If you create a browser context manually, make sure to await browser_context.close().

context = browser.new_context(record_video_dir="videos/")
# Make sure to close, so that videos are saved.

You can also specify video size. The video size defaults to the viewport size scaled down to fit 800x800. The video of the viewport is placed in the top-left corner of the output video, scaled down to fit if necessary. You may need to set the viewport size to match your desired video size.

context = browser.new_context(
record_video_size={"width": 640, "height": 480}

Saved video files will appear in the specified folder. They all have generated unique names. For the multi-page scenarios, you can access the video file associated with the page via the

path =

Note that the video is only available after the page or browser context is closed.