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Version: 1.13.0

Chrome Extensions


Extensions only work in Chrome / Chromium in non-headless mode.

The following is code for getting a handle to the background page of an extension whose source is located in ./my-extension:

from playwright.sync_api import sync_playwright
path_to_extension = "./my-extension"user_data_dir = "/tmp/test-user-data-dir"

def run(playwright):    context = playwright.chromium.launch_persistent_context(        user_data_dir,        headless=False,        args=[            f"--disable-extensions-except={path_to_extension}",            f"--load-extension={path_to_extension}",        ],    )    background_page = context.background_pages[0]    # Test the background page as you would any other page.    context.close()

with sync_playwright() as playwright:    run(playwright)