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Version: 1.12.0


Here is a quick way to capture a screenshot and save it into a file:

Screenshots API accepts many parameters for image format, clip area, quality, etc. Make sure to check them out.

Full page screenshots#

Full page screenshot is a screenshot of a full scrollable page, as if you had a very tall screen and the page could fit it entirely.

page.screenshot(new Page.ScreenshotOptions()

Capture into buffer#

Rather than writing into a file, you can get a buffer with the image and post-process it or pass it to a third party pixel diff facility.

byte[] buffer = page.screenshot();

Element screenshot#

Sometimes it is useful to take a screenshot of a single element.

ElementHandle elementHandle = page.querySelector(".header");
elementHandle.screenshot(new ElementHandle.ScreenshotOptions().setPath(Paths.get("screenshot.png")));

API reference#