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Version: 1.23

Selenium Grid

Selenium 4

Playwright can connect to Selenium Grid Hub that runs Selenium 4 to launch Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, instead of running browser on the local machine. To enable this mode, set SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL environment variable pointing to your Selenium Grid Hub.

SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL=http://internal.grid:4444/wd/hub dotnet test

You don't have to change your code, just use BrowserType.LaunchAsync(options) as usual.

When using Selenium Grid Hub, you can skip browser downloads.

If your grid requires additional capabilities to be set (for example, you use an external service), you can use SELENIUM_REMOTE_CAPABILITIES environment variable to provide JSON-serialized capabilities.

SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL=http://internal.grid:4444/wd/hub SELENIUM_REMOTE_CAPABILITIES="{'mygrid:options':{os:'windows',username:'John',password:'secure'}}" dotnet test

Selenium 3

Internally, Playwright connects to the browser using Chrome DevTools Protocol websocket. Selenium 4 hub exposes this capability, while Selenium 3 does not.

This means that Selenium 3 is supported in a best-effort manner, where Playwright tries to connect to the grid node directly. Grid nodes must be directly accessible from the machine that runs Playwright.