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Version: 1.16

Getting started


Start with installing playwright dotnet tool globally. This only needs to be done once. Learn more about Playwright CLI tool.

dotnet tool install --global Microsoft.Playwright.CLI

First project#

Create a console project and add the Playwright dependency.

# Create projectdotnet new console -n PlaywrightDemocd PlaywrightDemo
# Install dependencies, build project and download necessary browsers.dotnet add package Microsoft.Playwrightdotnet buildplaywright install

Create a Program.cs that will navigate to and take a screenshot in Chromium.

using Microsoft.Playwright;using System.Threading.Tasks;
class Program{    public static async Task Main()    {        using var playwright = await Playwright.CreateAsync();        await using var browser = await playwright.Chromium.LaunchAsync();        var page = await browser.NewPageAsync();        await page.GotoAsync("");        await page.ScreenshotAsync(new PageScreenshotOptions { Path = "screenshot.png" });    }}

Now run it.

dotnet run

By default, Playwright runs the browsers in headless mode. To see the browser UI, pass the Headless = false flag while launching the browser. You can also use slowMo to slow down execution. Learn more in the debugging tools section.

await playwright.Firefox.LaunchAsync(new BrowserTypeLaunchOptions {     Headless = false,     SlowMo = 50, });

First test#

You can choose to use NUnit test fixtures that come bundled with Playwright. These fixtures support running tests on multiple browser engines in parallel, out of the box. Learn more about Playwright with NUnit.

# Create new project.dotnet new nunit -n PlaywrightTestscd PlaywrightTests

Install dependencies, build project and download necessary browsers. This is only done once per project.

dotnet add package Microsoft.Playwright.NUnitdotnet buildplaywright install

Edit UnitTest1.cs file.

using System.Threading.Tasks;using Microsoft.Playwright.NUnit;using NUnit.Framework;
namespace PlaywrightTests{    [Parallelizable(ParallelScope.Self)]    public class Tests : PageTest    {        [Test]        public async Task ShouldAdd()        {            int result = await Page.EvaluateAsync<int>("() => 7 + 3");            Assert.AreEqual(10, result);        }
        [Test]        public async Task ShouldMultiply()        {            int result = await Page.EvaluateAsync<int>("() => 7 * 3");            Assert.AreEqual(21, result);        }    }}
dotnet test -- NUnit.NumberOfTestWorkers=5

Record scripts#

Command line tools can be used to record user interactions and generate C# code.

playwright codegen

System requirements#

The browser binaries for Chromium, Firefox and WebKit work across the 3 platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux):


Works with Windows and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


Requires 10.14 (Mojave) or above.


Depending on your Linux distribution, you might need to install additional dependencies to run the browsers.


Only Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 are officially supported.

See also in the Command line tools which has a command to install all necessary dependencies automatically for Ubuntu LTS releases.