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Test Generator

Playwright comes with the ability to generate tests out of the box and is a great way to quickly get started with testing. It will open two windows, a browser window where you interact with the website you wish to test and the Playwright Inspector window where you can record your tests, copy the tests, clear your tests as well as change the language of your tests.

You will learn

Running Codegen

pwsh bin/Debug/netX/playwright.ps1 codegen

Run codegen and perform actions in the browser. Playwright will generate the code for the user interactions. Codegen will attempt to generate resilient text-based selectors.

When you have finished interacting with the page, press the record button to stop the recording and use the copy button to copy the generated code to your editor.

Use the clear button to clear the code to start recording again. Once finished close the Playwright inspector window or stop the terminal command.

To learn more about generating tests check out or detailed guide on Codegen.

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