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Version: 1.12.0

Mobile (experimental)


Mobile support is experimental and uses prefixed provisional API.

You can try Playwright against Android, Chrome for Android and Android WebView today. This support is experimental. Support for devices is tracked in the issue #1122.

See Android for documentation.


  • Android device or AVD Emulator.
  • ADB daemon running and authenticated with your device. Typically running adb devices is all you need to do.
  • Chrome 87 or newer installed on the device
  • "Enable command line on non-rooted devices" enabled in chrome://flags.

How to run#

const { _android } = require('playwright');
(async () => {
// Connect to the device.
const [device] = await playwright._android.devices();
console.log(`Model: ${device.model()}`);
console.log(`Serial: ${device.serial()}`);
// Take screenshot of the whole device.
await device.screenshot({ path: 'device.png' });
// --------------------- WebView -----------------------
// Launch an application with WebView.
await'am force-stop org.chromium.webview_shell');
await'am start org.chromium.webview_shell/.WebViewBrowserActivity');
// Get the WebView.
const webview = await device.webView({ pkg: 'org.chromium.webview_shell' });
// Fill the input box.
await device.fill({ res: 'org.chromium.webview_shell:id/url_field' }, '');
await{ res: 'org.chromium.webview_shell:id/url_field' }, 'Enter');
// Work with WebView's page as usual.
const page = await;
await{ url: /.*microsoft\/playwright.*/ });
console.log(await page.title());
// --------------------- Browser -----------------------
// Launch Chrome browser.
await'am force-stop');
const context = await device.launchBrowser();
// Use BrowserContext as usual.
const page = await context.newPage();
await page.goto('');
console.log(await page.evaluate(() => window.location.href));
await page.screenshot({ path: 'page.png' });
await context.close();
// Close the device.
await device.close();

Known limitations#

  • Raw USB operation is not yet supported, so you need ADB.
  • Device needs to be awake to produce screenshots. Enabling "Stay awake" developer mode will help.
  • We didn't run all the tests against the device, so not everything works.