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A result of a single TestCase run.


Added in: v1.10
  • type: <Array<Object>>
    • name <string> Attachment name.
    • contentType <string> Content type of this attachment to properly present in the report, for example 'application/json' or 'image/png'.
    • path? <string> Optional path on the filesystem to the attached file.
    • body? <Buffer> Optional attachment body used instead of a file.

The list of files or buffers attached during the test execution through testInfo.attachments.


Added in: v1.10

Running time in milliseconds.


Added in: v1.10

First error thrown during test execution, if any. This is equal to the first element in testResult.errors.


Added in: v1.10

Errors thrown during the test execution.


Added in: v1.10

When test is retries multiple times, each retry attempt is given a sequential number.

Learn more about test retries.


Added in: v1.10
  • type: <[Date]>

Start time of this particular test run.


Added in: v1.10
  • type: <"passed"|"failed"|"timedOut"|"skipped"|"interrupted">

The status of this test result. See also testCase.expectedStatus.


Added in: v1.10

Anything written to the standard error during the test run.


Added in: v1.10

Anything written to the standard output during the test run.


Added in: v1.10

List of steps inside this test run.


Added in: v1.10

Index of the worker where the test was run. If the test was not run a single time, for example when the user interrupted testing, the only result will have a workerIndex equal to -1.

Learn more about parallelism and sharding with Playwright Test.