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Version: 1.15


TestCase corresponds to every test(title, testFunction) call in a test file. When a single test(title, testFunction) is running in multiple projects or repeated multiple times, it will have multiple TestCase objects in corresponding projects' suites.


Whether the test is considered running fine. Non-ok tests fail the test run with non-zero exit code.


  • returns: <"skipped"|"expected"|"unexpected"|"flaky">#

Testing outcome for this test. Note that outcome is not the same as testResult.status:

  • Test that is expected to fail and actually fails is 'expected'.
  • Test that passes on a second retry is 'flaky'.


Returns a list of titles from the root down to this test.


The list of annotations applicable to the current test. Includes annotations from the test, annotations from all test.describe(title, callback) groups the test belongs to and file-level annotations for the test file.

Annotations are available during test execution through testInfo.annotations.

Learn more about test annotations.


  • type: <"passed"|"failed"|"timedOut"|"skipped">

Expected test status.

See also testResult.status for the actual status.


Location in the source where the test is defined.


Results for each run of this test.


The maximum number of retries given to this test in the configuration.

Learn more about test retries.


The timeout given to the test. Affected by testConfig.timeout, testProject.timeout, test.setTimeout(timeout), test.slow([condition, description]) and testInfo.setTimeout(timeout).


Test title as passed to the test(title, testFunction) call.