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TestCase corresponds to every test(title, testFunction) call in a test file. When a single test(title, testFunction) is running in multiple projects or repeated multiple times, it will have multiple TestCase objects in corresponding projects' suites.


Added in: v1.10

Whether the test is considered running fine. Non-ok tests fail the test run with non-zero exit code.


Added in: v1.10
  • returns: <"skipped"|"expected"|"unexpected"|"flaky">#

Testing outcome for this test. Note that outcome is not the same as testResult.status:

  • Test that is expected to fail and actually fails is 'expected'.
  • Test that passes on a second retry is 'flaky'.


Added in: v1.10

Returns a list of titles from the root down to this test.


Added in: v1.10
  • type: <Array<Object>>
    • type <string> Annotation type, for example 'skip' or 'fail'.
    • description? <string> Optional description.

The list of annotations applicable to the current test. Includes annotations from the test, annotations from all test.describe(title, callback) groups the test belongs to and file-level annotations for the test file.

Annotations are available during test execution through testInfo.annotations.

Learn more about test annotations.


Added in: v1.10
  • type: <"passed"|"failed"|"timedOut"|"skipped"|"interrupted">

Expected test status.

See also testResult.status for the actual status.

Added in: v1.25

Unique test ID that is computed based on the test file name, test title and project name. Test ID can be used as a history ID.


Added in: v1.10

Location in the source where the test is defined.


Added in: v1.10

Suite this test case belongs to.


Added in: v1.10

Contains the repeat index when running in "repeat each" mode. This mode is enabled by passing --repeat-each to the command line.


Added in: v1.10

Results for each run of this test.


Added in: v1.10

The maximum number of retries given to this test in the configuration.

Learn more about test retries.


Added in: v1.10

The timeout given to the test. Affected by testConfig.timeout, testProject.timeout, test.setTimeout(timeout), test.slow() and testInfo.setTimeout(timeout).


Added in: v1.10

Test title as passed to the test(title, testFunction) call.