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androidInput.drag(from, to, steps)

Added in: v1.9

Performs a drag between from and to points.

Added in: v1.9

Presses the key.

androidInput.swipe(from, segments, steps)

Added in: v1.9
  • from <Object> The point to start swiping from.#
  • segments <Array<Object>> Points following the from point in the swipe gesture.#
  • steps <number> The number of steps for each segment. Each step takes 5 milliseconds to complete, so 100 steps means half a second per each segment.#
  • returns: <Promise<void>>#

Swipes following the path defined by segments.


Added in: v1.9

Taps at the specified point.


Added in: v1.9

Types text into currently focused widget.