Version: 1.3.0

Running Playwright in Docker

Dockerfile.bionic is a playwright-ready image of playwright. This image includes all the dependencies needed to run browsers in a Docker container, including browsers.


docker hub

This image is published on Docker Hub.

Pull the image#

$ docker pull

Run the image#

$ docker container run -it --rm --ipc=host --security-opt seccomp=seccomp_profile.json /bin/bash

seccomp_profile.json is needed to run Chromium with sandbox. This is a default Docker seccomp profile with extra user namespace cloning permissions:

"comment": "Allow create user namespaces",
"names": [
"action": "SCMP_ACT_ALLOW",
"args": [],
"includes": {},
"excludes": {}

NOTE: Using --ipc=host is recommended when using Chrome (Docker docs). Chrome can run out of memory without this flag.

Using on CI#

See our Continuous Integration guides for sample configs.


Build the image#

Use //docs/docker/ to build the image.

$ ./docs/docker/

The image will be tagged as playwright:localbuild and could be run as:

$ docker run --rm -it playwright:localbuild /bin/bash


Docker images are published automatically by Github Actions. We currently publish the following images:

  • - tip-of-tree image version.
  • - last Playwright release docker image.
  • - docker image for every commit that changed docker files or browsers, marked with a short sha (first 7 digits of the SHA commit).

Base images#

playwright:bionic is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver).


Browser builds for Firefox and WebKit are built for the glibc library. Alpine Linux and other distributions that are based on the musl standard library are not supported.